Algonquin Peak Winter Hike, February 13 2005

On arrival in Lake Placid, we see that the olympic flame is lit. I ask and find that it was lit yesterday, and will be lit every day for two weeks, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 1980 winter olympics here.

Lisa has never used snowshoes, so a quick test is in order.

Hike in

Lunch break at the frozen waterfall on the side of Wright Peak

Getting higher. The sign (fourth picture) warns hikers not to proceed unless they have the proper clothing for the severe weather changes that can occur here. We do.

At about 4000 feet elevation, we start to get open views

At the treeline.

On the summit. A party of Hungarians has arrived at the same time as we.

Views: Lake Placid and Whiteface (first picture), Lake Colden and Flowed Lands (second picture), Marcy, Gray, Skylight and Colden (third picture), Iroquois (fourth picture), Giant Mountain (fifth picture)

Panorama from approximately northeast to southwest, with 22 of the 46er peaks visible. If you load this, be sure to click the thing that makes your browser not compress the image, so you can scroll around in it horizontally.

There is also an annotated version of the panorama with the peaks labeled

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