Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 12:47 EDT From: "Andrew" Subject: 1997 Hike #2 To: "Mark" "Daniel" "Peter" "Bradley" "Rama" "Brian" "Gilbert" "Markus" "Robert" Another Adirondack hike is in the works for this weekend (May 10th or 11th). The details: Type: Loop (no backtracking). Location: Keene Valley, near Lake Placid, NY. Mountain: Big Slide Mtn via "the Brothers" (a series of lower peaks) Elevation: 4240ft Starting El: 1400ft Distance : 9.5 miles. For those of you who were there, this hike is somewhat more difficult than the hike up Phelps Mountain. The overall distance is slightly longer (by about 1km). The hike is a loop, and the way back after reaching the summit is easier than the way up. When: Saturday if the weather is good, otherwise Sunday (if the weather is crappy both days, then we'll try again next week). What to bring: Sturdy boots, 2 litres of water, synthetic clothing where possible, gloves, hat, extra clothing for warmth (you may not end up wearing it, but it is good insurance). Travel details: Leave early (i.e. about 6am) from Ottawa, travel to hiking location, hike, eat supper in Lake Placid, travel home. Projected timeline: 6:00 am - Leave Ottawa 9:15 am - Arrive at Hike start point. 9:30 am - Start hike 4:15 pm - Finish hike 4:30 pm - Travel to Lake Placid; Have supper. 6:30 pm - Finish supper; Leave for Ottawa. 9:45 pm - Arrive Ottawa All of these times will change if we go faster or slower on the hike. Also, if you do not wish to have supper at a restaurant after the hike, then you can drive straight to Ottawa and arrive at about 8pm. I will be away on business Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday; However, I will check my mail, so if you are interested, please reply. I you are interested, please consider whether or not you are willing to drive. I'd also like to keep the group size at 8 or under - a lot of people makes for very slow going and there is a group size limit where we are hiking. I don't imagine everyone will be able to make it, but if so, then it's "first-come first-serve". ...Andrew