Cliff Mountain, February 29 2004

Getting ready at the Upper Works parking lot...

Hike in... a delayering stop is necessary almost immediately because it is so warm

Lean-tos at the edge of the Flowed Lands

On the Flowed Lands, looking across to Mount Colden

Cliff Mountain really doesn't look like much from here...

Iroquois and Algonquin Peaks

Hmmm, maybe this is why it's called Cliff Mountain

Mount Colden from an unfamiliar (to us) angle

On the summit. It is not bare, but there is plenty to see, with a major panorama of mountains all around.

On the way down, we slide wherever possible

This monument commemorates why Calamity Pond is called that

The tiny bugs all over the spring snow (it is now +8°C) congregate in holes like this

More fun sliding

Very nice ghost town at the trailhead

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