The Dix Range

July 11, 2004

Hiking in from the Elk Lake trailhead, we soon turn onto the herd path going up the big slide on the side of Macomb Mountain.

The slide is loose gravel and rock, quite atypical for the Adirondacks.

The wooded hillside to the north looks like tropical rainforest in this weather.

The clouds thin somewhat, as we continue upward.

Obligatory summit shots on Macomb Mountain. Not much view at this point because of the clouds.

On the way to the summit of South Dix, we cross open areas that would surely be very scenic, if we could see anything except this murk. We do see Macomb Mountain behind us (last picture).

On the summit of South Dix, we meet up with Ewart.

The weather improves as we go across to East Dix.

On the East Dix summit, we get a mostly open view eastward.

Back across South Dix on the way to Hough Peak.

On Hough Peak, very good views of East Dix and Macomb Mountain (first two pictures) and of the Beckhorn (next two).

Continuing toward Dix.

We have reached the top of the Beckhorn

Scenic views (as far as the weather permits) from the Dix summit. The panorama was supposed to be longer, but my camera had battery problems and always powered down when I got to Marcy.

Looking back at the Beckhorn, and then on it.

The hike down

Hike out. The first picture is Dix Pond.

Back at the trailhead.

Milkshakes in Long Lake...

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