Links To Other Sites

Family and Friends

Matthias Wandel's web site
Far more interesting than mine if you are into technical hacks, amateur pyrotechnics, woodwork, painting, and other crafts. - Woodwork site spun off from Matthias's main site

My sister Marlene's baby blog about my one and only nephew so far

Johanna Wandel's web site
All about outdoor stuff. Lots of trip reports of canoe, kayak, hiking and caving trips around Ontario.

Greenfields Organic Farm
Johanna's other site, run for the organic farm where she lives and used to report on the daily goings-on.

Andrew Lavigne's web site
Extensive documentation of Andrew's interests, which include hiking trips, mountaineering, aircraft, automobiles, bicycling and go-karting among others.

Norm Lyon's photo gallery
Norm is a colleague at work, and he does truly amazing things with his Canon DSLR, some expensive lenses, and Photoshop.

The Jungle
Chris Lawson's site, good trip journals and blogs there.

Dave Dunfield's Computer Museum
Dave is a serious collector/preservationist of old computer hardware, and I have contributed most of my old stash to his collection, including the IBM 5100 (which unfortunately stopped working while I had it in storage).

Gordon Dewis.
Gord has hosted my email address on his domain ever since it was an XT clone running Waffle BBS back in May 1992, thus providing me with the opportunity to brag to anyone who will listen that I've had the same email address since before there was the web as we know it.

Other Stuff

The Hacker's Diet
Are you too fat? Are all your friends telling you that you must go on the new fad diet which is scientifically proven and really, really works unlike all the fad diets that came before? Read this and find out how diets really work.

Adirondack Fire Tower Mountains
Nice site about mountains in the Adirondacks that have (or had) fire towers on them.

Max und Moritz
The classic German picture story, in German and English side-by-side. The English translation is not too bad, considering it has to rhyme and capture the spirit of the original.

A Story of Over 50,000 Words Without Using the Letter "E"

The Unix Haters Handbook
Hosted on a Microsoft site no less. A joke? More Microsoft anti-anything-but-Windows propaganda? Not really. When this was written (1994) Unix was as dominant, and as loathed, as Windows is today. And some of the stuff criticized in the book still hasn't been fixed (mercifully, most of it has). Be sure to check out the cartoon of Dennis Ritchie!

Andrew Holme's Home Page
Another homemade PBX builder. His has a rather different design philosophy from mine and is much better documented.