My Computer

A reasonably modern machine, in January 1999, looked like this: All of which, I'm happy to say, makes a great workstation to run Linux (RedHat 5.2) on.

Update: Feb. 27, 2001

Moore's Law is in full operation. For the same prices as I paid for the components above, I could now get four times as much memory and hard disk, and a 2.5 times faster CPU. But I don't have an excuse to upgrade... yet.

The machine has changed in the following ways:

The machine currently runs Redhat 7.

Who am I kidding? Who could possibly be interested in this blather?

Update: Nov. 6, 2001

It's hard to believe, but the computer can still hold its own, going on three years old. I upgraded to Redhat 7.2, which finally supports the hardware acceleration features of my video card. This allows fullscreen video playback, using xine and mplayer. DVDs and .asf files even. Not bad for my old CPU, which I'm running at 450MHz and 2.2V these days.

Other than that, the computer has changed in the following ways:

This means the CPU is now the least modern thing in my computer. But I don't have a good excuse to upgrade yet (anyway, most of my upgrades have been stuff that came along secondhand).

Update: March 28, 2003

I upgraded the computer last November. It's now an A7Pro motherboard with an AMD Duron 1300 on it and 384MB of non-ECC memory (alas, the motherboard doesn't support ECC) running at 100MHz CAS2. This is pretty slow memory for such a fast CPU, but I've done tests and for most practical applications (e.g. audio/video encoding, JPEG image scaling etc.) it doesn't impact performance very much. And it was a cheap secondhand purchase. Other stuff currently in the computer is Externally, it's still the same old computer because I re-used the case.

I retired the P133 server machine and built a new one with the BH6 motherboard and Celeron CPU from my main machine and a new 80GB disk. The PCMCIA adapter lives in this machine, since my main machine no longer has ISA slots for it to plug into.

I've been running Redhat 8 since it came out.

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