Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour 2004

I rode the RLCT again, just like in the last two years. This time, of the people I know, only Pu went, and our riding styles differ enough that we didn't ride together. Also, I didn't take my digital camera, so I just have some stats.

Distance: 177km

Ottawa -> Kingston

Light headwind, mostly sunny, high 23C
Riding approx 50% with groups, 50% solo

28.0km/h average speed while moving
22.8km/h average speed end-to-end
7:45 end-to-end
6:19 time spent moving
1:26 time spent stopped

Kingston -> Ottawa

Light cross/tailwind, mostly sunny, high 25C
Riding approx 40% with groups, 60% solo

27.3km/h average speed while moving
23.6km/h average speed end-to-end
7:30 end-to-end
6:28 time spent moving
1:02 time spent stopped
While I actually made better time than before, I felt really slow, because I started very early both days, and thus was passed all day by faster riders (or tried and failed to keep up with them) and passed few people myself! Oh well.

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