Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge, July 24 2005

Starting out from the trailhead at the end of O'Toole Road

We first take the short trail to the summit of Big Crow Mountain. This is a fantastic view for such a short hike (1.1km each way).

Descending from Big Crow Mountain. It is very steep. At the junction, the sign warns that the trail is not maintained or marked along the ridge, although we saw some evidence of both, and it was very easy to follow and unobstructed.

At the first lookout, we are just level with Big Crow Mountain.

A dramatic closeup of Whiteface Mountain can be seen from here. Too bad about the haze.

A panorama, from approximately Armstrong Mountain to Big Slide Mountain

Pitchoff Mountain

Looking up at Hurricane Mountain's summit, we can see the fire tower

Looking along the ridge

The trail is rugged in a few spots, but always easy to follow and unobstructed.

Beautiful viewpoints abound on this trail. Every time we think we've reached the end of the ridge and are about to descend in the valley, another open rocky lookout beckons.

When we finally come off the ridge, we find that another climb to the top of Weston Mountain awaits us. There are views from up there too, but we've had our fill, so we march straight on until we re-join "civilization" at the Lost Pond Lean-To. Note the sign marking the other end of the ridge trail.

The log book at the lean-to contains gushingly enthusiastic sentiments from other hikers.

Lost Pond. The first picture is Hurricane Mountain seen across the pond. The second is probably Weston Mountain.

Hike out

In the morning, we had taken an alternate route to get arond the Lake Placid Ironman Triathlon. We wrongly assume that this is all done now, and get stuck in a traffic jam. But we are only delayed by about 15 minutes. I take some pictures while we wait.

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