Inside a Lucent WaveLAN / Orinoco Gold/Silver Wi-Fi card

December 7, 2002

An unscrupulous computer flea market vendor sold me this card for $10, assuring me repeatedly that it was working. It wasn't. After trying it in various systems, I gave up and peeled it open like a tin can (I never did figure out how to disassemble a PCMCIA card so it can be put back together). Having done so, I discovered that I had definitely been cheated out of my $10: One of the connector pins was broken.

I even tried to fix it - I'm reasonably handy with a soldering iron, see if you can spot the pin that was repaired - but the card still doesn't work and - kids, don't try this at home - inserting a naked PCMCIA card into a PCMCIA slot is not a good idea (hint: try getting it back out).

Well, all I've got left is something to look at. So why not let everyone see it. This is what's inside the little enclosure. Click on the images to see them at the full 300dpi flatbed scanner resolution.

Top view:

Bottom view: