Pitchoff Ridge, November 20 2004

Getting ready at the northeast end. First, cars need to be shuttled to the other trailhead.

The ridge is gained in a bit over an hour.

The first thing I do is look for a good spot for the geocache that I have brought ("Pitchoff Plunder"). I was unaware of new regulations that prohibit geocaches on mountain summits in the Adirondacks. Fortunately I did not wait until the actual summit to plant mine.

The hiding place is photographed from all directions, and an accurate set of coordinates is captured with the GPS receiver.

We continue to the main summit (visible in the next few pictures).

The next picture looks back at the place we just came from.

Assorted views from the main summit

Ewart has hiked to the top of Cascade Mountain, across the valley from here. Andrew prepares to photograph him using the maximum telephoto available, as Ewart waves a Welsh flag. Even with 300mm focal length on a digital SLR, the figure of Ewart is only barely recognizable up there.

We continue on to the next good viewpoint, which overlooks Lake Placid.

As we continue on the trail, we find good views down into Cascade Pass.

We emerge onto a huge open rocky area at the southwestern end of the ridge, and take many photos from it.

We can see down to our hike end point, where Ewart is standing by the side of the highway looking up (we know this because we are in radio contact).

Asmir tries to modify the scenery. I don't bother to tell him not to, since it is pretty clear that he won't succeed!

We don't find the right way down, and bushwhack for a ways. The trail, once we regain it, also crosses a fairly fresh landslide.

Dramatic views from random lookouts continue almost to the trailhead.

And then we arrive, six hours after we started.

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