Redfield Mountain, October 18 2003

After a crack-of-dawn start at South Meadow, we arrive Marcy Dam

On the trail to Avalanche Lean-To

Rough trail up and around Mt. Colden via Lake Arnold

Off the official trails now, we make our way up Redfield on the "herd path". Ewart remembers it as very difficult, but it has since been cleared up with a chainsaw so the going is generally easy, though a lot of the way is in stream beds.

Summit views

Official "we were here" photos by the summit sign.

Descending again on the herd path

The Opalescent River lives up to its name: Lots of beautiful waterfalls.

At the dam at the lower end of Lake Colden

Hiking around the northwest side of the lake

Visiting the ranger hut

At Avalanche Lake

Finishing the hike

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