Date: Tue, 03 Sep 1996 09:59 EDT From: "Andrew" Subject: Hike To: "Brian" "Boon" "Rama" "Gilbert" "Markus" Hello. Greetings. Given some nice weather this weekend, a hike will be held in the Adirondak mountains, as follows: Gothics Peak (elev. 4736) via Sawteeth mountain (elev 4100). This will be a fairly strenuous hike of 21.6 km (13.5 miles), and will involve climbing >from a starting elevation of 1352 up to 4100, down to 3600, and back up to 4736. (Total elev. gain 4511 feet). However, views should be spectacular, involving lots of neat precipices and overlooks down to Lower Ausable Lake. As well, Gothics is well known for the interesting views from its summit. I estimate that we will be able to acheive an average speed of 2.8 km/hr (1.75 mph), which will enable us to cover the distance in about 9 or 9 1/2 hours (including rests and breaks for views, eating, etc.) Given that sunset is at about 7:30pm, and that building in an extra margin of safety is always desirable, I would like to start the hike no later than 8:30am. I am still unsure if the plan will be to stay the previous night in the area, or to leaving very early in the morning from Ottawa. As the weekend draws closer, the actual day of the hike will be determined (based on the weather forecast). In any event, please respond with your intent to accompany. ...Andrew