Sawteeth Mountain, April 9, 2006

The usual stop just before the Adirondak Loj turnoff to admire the MacIntyres...

Getting ready at Ausable Club

Our destination, revealing the "teeth" that give it its name

Signing in. Note the hardcore snow and ice gear, which seems a bit silly down here in the balmy springtime environment. We wanted to go up the steep trail from Lower Ausable Lake (among the teeth seen on the left side in the pictures above) but the attendant here advises against it.

For variety, we take the trail west of the river. There are several small but nice waterfalls along this trail.

Beaver Meadow Fall is very pretty with the heavy spring runoff.

Continuing along the river. We had considered going up to Lost Lookout, but frankly, Lisa and I aren't overly fit at this time in the spring and we're conserving our energy.

The trail goes right along this wall of ice. We cross quickly because there is always a risk of a chunk falling off.

Arrived at the lake

Rainbow Falls

At about 2500 feet elevation, the snow cover on the trail becomes consistent enough that the snowshoes can be put on. The walking is much easier that way.

State Land Boundary

Conditions becoming wintry as we go higher

Arrived at the junction in the saddle between Sawteeth and Pyramid. We leave our packs and other dispensable gear here.

As we go up the side of Sawteeth, we encounter seriously wintry conditions, in the sense that you are walking on so much snow that you bump your head into snow-laden tree limbs, stuff like that.

Views from the ascent: Giant Mountain (first picture), Basin Mountain (second picture), Pyramid Peak (in front of Gothics) (third picture), Armstrong and Pyramid (fourth picture)

On the summit. Lisa is now an Adirondack 2er.

Summit views. Giant, Rocky, Noonmark (first picture), Nippletop (second), Dix (third), Haystack and Marcy (fourth), Basin (fifth), Dix and Nippletop (sixth)

We are not wearing snow pants, but the descent is so steep and the snow so nice, that we go for slides anyway.

The descent goes quickly when you have snow. Trail junction in the saddle (first picture), state land boundary (second), trail junction near the lake (third).

While Caroline helps Lisa, who has developed a sore ankle, I go down to the lake to get the view of Indian Head

I love the curtain of water at the dam.

Obligatory pose at the "Ladies Mile" sign

And then we're done. I go get the car from the parking lot, while Lisa and Caroline wait and sign us out.

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