Monday, January 17

I manage to catch up on my swimming in the morning. Our hotel is paid up, and we have just enough cash left to go into town and shop for more souvenirs. All of us except Caroline that is, who as the first and only person on this trip, has managed to pick up some sort of stomach ailment (not counting my own altitude problems), and stays in bed.

A particularly nice alley in Stone Town
It is a beautiful morning, and we have time to waste and I can spare $12. That's all I can spend too, because, of course, nobody takes plastic. These people don't even know what a goldmine of potential impulse buys they are missing! After diligent shopping, I end up with a very good carved buffalo, a pretty good elephant, another lesser elephant thrown in to close a deal, and a carved letter opener. These items, together, set me back $11.

Bruce has offered to have the hotel minibus take us back to the airport for $10. We agressively wave away the tip-hungry porters homing in on our bags, and carry them ourselves for the 20m to the checkin counter. Our flight this time is on Kenya Airways in an older (but clean) Boeing 727-200. The pilot announces that those on the left side of the plane will see Mt. Kilimanjaro as we will fly right by it. So that, of course, is where I sit, but for viewing Zanzibar it is the wrong side and I don't see Stone Town, or Fuji Beach where our hotel is. We do, indeed, fly right past Kilimanjaro and photograph it. I am a happy camper because the flight serves lunch, and when I asked for a vodka and orange juice, they brought me two.

Kilimanjaro from the air
In Nairobi, we get off on external stairways again, just like last time. Our stopover is nine hours. We while it all away in the terminal building. We had considered leaving the airport to go to the famous "Carnivore" restaurant and - this is Africa - without even mentioning that to anyone, three different transportation consultants offer us taxi deals on just that. Our bags will sit in the baggage handling area for hours, and a camera was stolen out of Yi's bag since she checked it in in Zanzibar, so I reinstall the little travel padlocks. All my valuable stuff is in my knapsack anyway, and that never leaves my sight.

Pu rejoins us now. He has spent an enjoyable three days on the mainland, socializing with the family of David (our cook on the safari), staying at the YMCA in Moshi, going on some more tours, and taking the overland bus back to Nairobi (at half price - everything is negotiable here).

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