Tuesday, January 18

Our flight to Heathrow is delayed until after midnight, and free food is served in the departure lounge. Security screening is very heavy. Our luggage is x-rayed at checkin, again on entry to the departure area, and again just before boarding the plane, and at this last station, they are looking at it thoroughly.

The 8.5 hour flight goes quickly. I watch a movie, eat and even sleep a couple of hours. But the stopover in Heathrow is another 9 hours. The others all go into town, but I stay in the terminal building, trying to sleep (using my knapsack as a pillow). By the time we finally arrive in Montreal, it is something like 38 hours since we arrived at Zanzibar airport, and then we are delayed an hour because the baggage conveyor system breaks down.

An icy blast of wind, at -22°C, greets us as we exit the terminal building. I had thoughtfully packed warmer clothing into my knapsack, but it is not warm enough. Welcome home eh?

Shannon and Jenn have come to pick us up. Caroline is going to Ottawa separately and takes several of our bags with her. The remaining bags, and all the people, and Shannon's dogs, fill the van in truly African style. Munching on cheese, crackers, grapes, strawberries, pretzels, champagne and pop that Jenn has brought, we make our merry way back to Ottawa, gushing with stories of our wonderful trip.

* * * The End * * *

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