Departure Day

Friday, March 16

After long anticipation, we hit the airport after work on Friday.

In the first three pictures, you can see (in order) Jody, Bob, PeterK, Bob again, myself, Jody again, and PeterG. Andrew and Lorraine had gone to Las Vegas a day earlier to do some stuff by themselves.

2001:03:16 16:55:05 2001:03:16 17:27:07 2001:03:16 17:31:01 2001:03:16 18:01:59 2001:03:16 18:10:00 2001:03:16 18:10:01 2001:03:16 18:11:45 2001:03:16 18:15:31 2001:03:16 18:16:02 2001:03:16 18:55:29 2001:03:16 19:53:50 2001:03:16 20:23:54 2001:03:16 20:24:07 2001:03:16 20:59:41

Las Vegas! City of total sensory overload! The airport is right downtown. You can see several of the casino hotels out of the airplane window. The beam of light shining skyward is the gimmick of the Luxor; it comes out of the tip of the pyramid.

Here we meet up with Lorraine and Andrew (third picture).

2001:03:17 02:58:49 2001:03:17 03:21:03 2001:03:17 03:54:16 2001:03:17 03:54:34

The time here is about 1AM (really 4AM for us Ottawa types). Even so, a good night's sleep is not yet available. First we need to wait about two hours for a slow car rental clerk to process about ten people. Then, when daylight is already breaking back in Ottawa, we hit the sack at Motel 6.

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