Saturday, March 31

PeterG, Jody and Bob have left for Las Vegas the night before in the green car. They wanted some time to explore there. The rest of us make an easy slow morning after yesterday's exertion.

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We stop in Furnace Creek, where there is a surprisingly ordinary auto repair shop, to have our tire looked at. It is toast. The guy offers to put on a secondhand tire he has for $20 so we have a spare. Sounds reasonable -- if we had a flat, and no spare, on the way to Las Vegas we'd probably miss our flight tonight.

Some desert photoraphy on the way out of Death Valley, either on highway 190 or 373, anyway facing toward Mount Charleston (as usual).

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In Las Vegas we eat lunch at an "In & Out Burger". This is a burger chain which serves: Burgers, fries and soft drinks. No milkshakes, no salads, no desserts, no toys. They are busy so they obviously know how to make burgers and fries. They are good too.

It was decided to rent a motel room just for the afternoon, so we have a place to pack up and shower before our flight home. I grumble about the expense of course -- we could have showered for $2 in Stovepipe Wells and packed up just as easily at the campground -- but split 7 ways it's not really worth getting excited over.

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While Andrew and Lorraine finish packing, the others watch a really bad made-for-cable movie on the tube...

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