Monday, April 2

We wait to see if our bags have followed us throughout our odyssey. Eventually they come. We go through customs, put our bags on another conveyor, and walk straight onto the businessmen's commuter jet to Ottawa. It leaves 17 minutes later. We're in good hands now, with Air Canada.

2001:04:02 02:23:24

I hadn't expected a wide body jet (Boeing 767) for such a short flight. I guess the Monday 7AM flight can get busy. However this time it is only about a quarter full.

2001:04:02 02:54:09

A truly good, and piping hot, breakfast is served as the sun rises outside.

2001:04:02 03:16:43 2001:04:02 07:30:59

As we break through the clouds near Ottawa, we see snow-covered fields. Ah, truly we are home now.

2001:04:02 07:47:52

The cabbies in Ottawa are even worse thieves than the ones in Vegas. $40 to go home to Kanata. Thanks to US Air, my carefully planned pickup arrangements were ruined. But I'm in no mood to strategize. At home I shower and then head straight to work.

And so the trip is done.