An Old Abandoned House

This was a neat place. It was a kilometer or two down a disused road near my parents' camp. If you went past it and kept going, eventually you would come to a giant puddle that didn't look safe for an ordinary car to drive into. So the road didn't get much traffic.

These pictures were taken in August 1995.

Note the absence of electrical wiring.

Outside view Matthias and Marlene downstairs Master Bedroom

Upstairs Upstairs Upstairs Marlene sitting in a window Outside, from next to barn ruin

Like many old places you see in pictures, this one no longer exists. It was sold and then bulldozed to make room for a new house.

I like the way black-and-white negatives look when scanned with a negative scanner. You get much more dynamic range than from a print. These negatives went undeveloped for over four years. Finally at Christmas 1999 I bought one last batch of black-and-white chemicals and developed the rolls that I had sitting around.

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