Miscellaneous Photos...

Backyard light on next door neighbour's house Adirondacks early on a fall morning Stack of barrels outside Seagram's Museum Tightly packed beach houses on North Carolina coast A small light bulb powered by invisible wires
A factory wall in Asheville, N.C. On Rock Lake, soon after sunrise Tilted photograph on a steep street in San Francisco Snow on the back porch where I live Sunset on a hazy day, from King Mountain
Toronto after sunset, across the water The wood stove in my dad's shop The dining table in my parents' cottage Matthias mowing the lawn at the camp Papa and Marlene
Ascending Mount Madison Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield Steam Train Locomotive Scene inside a slot canyon Moonlight Exposure

How my camera got wet

Fun with an old camera

Tour an old abandoned house

Digital camera stuff: Ever since I got a digital camera, I've turned into a total snapshot photographer. My SLRs have thick layers of dust on them. For some of the (quantity instead of quality) output from my digital camera, you can look on my outdoor page.

For some good digital camera stuff, check out Norm Lyon's photo gallery.

About monitor brightness:

If some of the pictures on this site look too dark, try turning up the brightness on your monitor until you can see some landscape details in the sunset picture above. It seems that a lot of computer monitors are too dark, so of the 256 levels of brightness you can get, the bottom third or so all come out black. What a waste. Better to adjust your display to the pictures than to adjust the pictures to your display.