We depart from work at 2pm for our 4:30pm flight. Andrew's housemate Jody drops us off, and sticks around to see if my homemade digital camera battery charger will cause trouble at security. It doesn't: What arouses the security lady's interest instead is my new Petzl Tikka LED headlamp. She thinks this is cool and shows it to her colleague. So much for that.

Andrew sets up his navigation gear, and we can follow the scenery below on a moving map display on the laptop.

The lakes of western Ontario glitter in the sunset. Then we get cloud until shortly before Calgary.

The flight arrives 20 minutes early, and getting our baggage and rental car at the Calgary airport goes unbelievably quickly. So we have time to go into town and grab some supplies at Mountain Equipment Co-op, and stock up on edibles, before finding our motel and calling it a night.

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