Tuesday, July 29

Ewart and Luc prepare an elaborate breakfast of much fruit, yogurt and healthy cereal. I skip the fruit. Then Andrew takes Peter, who is returning to Ottawa early, to the airport while the rest of us tidy up.

We hit the Trans Canada Highway westward, stop in Canmore for donuts, groceries and a topo map, then drive up to the appealingly named Mosquito Creek campground (doesn't sound so scary after the Yellowstone experience), which is close to Mount Hector.

Mosquito Creek Campground
Everyone seems a bit listless due to lack of sleep, particularly me - I actually drifted onto the rumble strip on the highway a couple of times while fighting sleepiness. Nevertheless Andrew announces that we will be doing Mount Hector tomorrow, with all the attendant practice, packing, and early going to bed that entails.

Thus there is practice in the "Z system" glacier crevasse rescue system, which takes us a few tries till we get it right again. The campground's name, unfortunately, proves justified - we are pestered by mosquitoes here for the first significant time since Yellowstone. Other than that, it's nice here, a lovely rushing creek, pretty scenery and good campsites. And the Yellowstone experience has left me, who is normally terrified of mosquitoes, remarkably blase about them buzzing around and occasionally biting me except when they get me somewhere irksome, like through the socks.

After not really enough practice, we prepare our packs and then I go to bed while it is still light and there is still activity all around - having taken three of those sleeping pills again. I guess they work - I sleep intermittently as usual but with no great difficulty going back to sleep each time I wake up, and I even sleep for some of the time the others are still noisily doing things around the tent.

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