Wednesday, July 16

I have a reasonably productive morning at work, eat lunch with my colleagues, and head out front where I am to meet with Andrew and Luc. Andrew is already there. We conclude that even with my vast overpacking and the three extra bags I am taking, there will still be room for Luc's stuff. Anyway as we stand around and talk we forget to check if Luc has arrived. It turns out he and his dad are already waiting in front of the building. The baggage is quickly transferred, and we hit the road at 12:15pm with 38001 kilometres on the odometer.

The drive goes well - 600km in one sitting with no gas or bathroom stops - except that the air conditioning fails in my car. I assume I can get it fixed under warranty in the Soo tomorrow, but at the expense of my "slack day" at the camp. It does ruin my enjoyment of my freshly washed and serviced car a bit, I mean this was supposed to be reliable, that's why we took it!

Apart from that there are no issues, and we get to the camp at 8:30pm, with a total trip time of 8:15h for 720km.

In the evening, I quickly go up the cliff with Luc, to show him the crack that I hurt myself falling out of two years ago. He climbs it with no difficulty, in sandals, and rates it as maybe a 5.6 or so. Well, I have climbed it before, I just can't do it reliably (and after hurting myself I'm not so courageous about it any more).

I make some phone calls to Acura's 24 hour customer service hotline. They say there is no Acura dealer in the Soo, and they don't know if a Honda dealer will fix it. Best to call in the morning.

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