Glen Canyon Dam / Lake Powell

Saturday, March 24

It takes hours until everyone is up, has their laundry done and is ready to hit the road. I get frustrated and start giving people a hard time. PeterK and I eventually head into town to get a flat tire fixed (the green vehicle had a flat when we came out of the Grand Canyon, and we are using the spare) and to shop for some 47 ohm resistors.

The tire problem is quickly taken care of - I just ask at a gas station where the best place is, some nondescript place off the main road it turns out, and the tire is fixed in minutes for $10, they even put it back on the car for us.

Why do we want 47 ohm resistors anyway? PeterK can't find the battery charger for his "digital wallet" device on which we are dumping most of our digicam photos. Its rechargeable battery is almost dead. With the resistors, I will be able to cobble up a charging setup with car power.

Eventually we have eaten breakfast at McDonald's (my appetite is back in a big way, boy does a "strawberry" flavour milkshake ever taste good), purchased resistors and gas, and we're on the road. It turns out the Glen Canyon Dam (a) was in sight of the motel all along and (b) is just as spectacular as the Hoover Dam (16ft less tall but considerably wider) and (c) offers free tours (the ones at the Hoover Dam cost bigtime). Alas, it's too late for that now. I get as many pictures of the facility as I can on the run.

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Where once was the beautiful Glen Canyon, there is now Lake Powell. We stop at a scenic overlook but this is just the least part of the scenery this lake has to offer.

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