Dinner in Las Vegas, somewhat arbitrarily at the "Rio" (another big themed casiono hotel). From the parking garage, after dinner, I tested how the digicam would do at nighttime Vegas photography. Pretty good as it turned out, -2 stops exposure compensation was just right.

I never did have a chance to go around Vegas at night and really explore the possibilities. They do incredible things with lights here. Some of the buildings look as though they are made out of transparent plastic and lit from inside.

2001:03:26 23:09:13 2001:03:26 23:52:16 2001:03:26 23:52:28

We went back to our customary Motel 6.

Tuesday, March 27

I walked over to where that plane hulk was, and it was gone.

2001:03:27 09:05:58 2001:03:27 09:07:58 2001:03:27 12:10:17

After breakfast at an ordinary restaurant (nobody felt like a buffet pig-out although the restaurant meal turned out almost as expensive as a casino buffet breakfast) we headed west toward Pahrump. That's the place where the aliens landed in the movie "Mars Attacks", if you remember. The view of Mount Charleston was great along the whole way.

2001:03:27 12:01:10 2001:03:27 12:17:50 2001:03:27 12:18:32 2001:03:27 13:09:54 2001:03:27 13:28:41

After getting groceries and gas in Pahrump, we headed into the southernmost part of Death Valley on highway 178.

2001:03:27 14:14:51 2001:03:27 14:16:52 2001:03:27 14:28:54

What's so special about this place here? Well, it's about the same elevation (according to the GPS, although it turned out to be a bit off) as Ottawa.

2001:03:27 14:29:01 2001:03:27 14:29:09

And now we're really in Death Valley: Mormon Point, elevation zero.

Majestic Telescope Peak (elevation 11,049ft) overlooks the valley (snow-capped peak in fifth frame).

2001:03:27 14:39:32 2001:03:27 14:40:13 2001:03:27 14:46:56 2001:03:27 14:47:41 2001:03:27 14:48:01 2001:03:27 14:48:52 2001:03:27 14:49:30

Temperature: A nice cool 36 degrees Celsius (it got one degree warmer after I took the picture of the thermometer). In the summer it would be in the mid 40s; the record is 53 degrees Celsius.

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