Our flight in the wrong direction is... delayed due to weather-related congestion in San Francisco. We wait at Las Vegas airport, already knowing that we will miss our connection.

2001:04:01 09:58:32 2001:04:01 10:04:16 2001:04:01 10:10:17 2001:04:01 10:31:16 2001:04:01 10:31:42

I can see our bags separated out for special handling...

2001:04:01 11:22:44

On the flight I am on the wrong side of the plane for Las Vegas, Mount Charleston and San Francisco. But I am on the right side of the plane for Death Valley. I see all the stuff we did in the last few days scroll by: Telescope Peak (first two frames), the Racetrack (third frame, light smudge near the top), Eureka Dunes (last two frames). The pictures aren't good; in real life the view was better, I could even see the twisty road we took to get to the dunes.

2001:04:01 12:27:43 2001:04:01 12:28:04 2001:04:01 12:31:23 2001:04:01 12:33:49 2001:04:01 12:38:24

I get just a glimpse of the high Sierras from overhead, before they are lost in cloud.

2001:04:01 12:41:38

The southernmost tip of San Francisco Bay looks weird. I think they are making sea salt here, but that doesn't explain the wild colours.

2001:04:01 13:10:35

And so we are back at an US Airways ticket counter, in an otherwise deserted departure hall (it is after all Sunday afternoon). We are rebooked again, this time on an Air Canada flight leaving at 10PM. This is the first time I've ever travelled on a handwritten airplane ticket, so I take a picture of it.

2001:04:01 13:48:52 2001:04:01 14:01:40

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