LocationViews from
Views of
Mt. Adams17
Algonquin Peak742
Allen Mtn-22
Ampersand Mtn32
Armstrong Mtn231
Ausable Club23
Avalanche Mtn-8
Bald Peak21
Basin Mtn429
Big Crow Mountain--
Big Slide Mtn723
Blake Mtn-11
Blueberry Mtn13
The Brothers34
Calamity Mtn-11
Cascade Mtn1018
Catamount Mtn11
Cheney Cobble-10
Cliff Mtn69
Mt. Colden633
Mt. Colvin813
Couchsachraga Peak14
Dial Mtn714
Mt. Dix528
Mt. Donaldson69
Duck Hole-1
East Dix Mtn-10
Mt. Emmons-8
Esther Mtn211
Fishhawk Cliffs23
Flowed Lands23
Giant Mtn231
Gothics Mtn438
Gray Peak716
Mt. Haystack335
Heart Lake43
Henderson Mtn-5
Hopkins Mtn1-
Hough Peak314
Hurricane Mtn97
Indian Falls12
Indian Head55
Iroquois Mtn529
Mt. Jo-4
Little Haystack120
(Town of) Long Lake-2
Lower Wolfjaw Mtn121
MacNaughton Mtn-6
Macomb Mtn-21
Mt. Marcy750
Marcy Dam21
Mt. Marshall512
Nippletop Mtn226
Noonmark Mtn918
Noonmark Burned Area97
Nun-da-ga-o Ridge--
Nye Mtn-5
Panther Peak711
Mt. Phelps411
Pitchoff Mtn1012
Porter Mtn513
Pyramid Peak219
Mt. Redfield515
Rist Mtn-11
Rocky Peak211
Round Mtn-12
Saddleback Mtn220
Santanoni Peak611
Sawteeth Mtn-16
Seward Mtn311
Seymour Mtn27
Mt. Skylight719
South Dix Mtn17
Street Mtn29
Tabletop Mtn518
Upper Wolfjaw Mtn126
Wallface Mtn-4
Whiteface Mtn624
Wright Peak729
Yard Mtn16

Adirondack View Browser

This is a tool to navigate through some of the photos taken in years of wandering the Adirondacks. It is not finished. Photos may be added at any time. If you particularly want a given view, I may already have it, so just ask. Here ist the list of newly added views.

Views from a given location

The table to the left lists all the locations known to the view browser. Click on the name of any location to see the available views from there.

In the view that results, one image taken from that location is displayed large, and the remaining ones as thumbnails. You may click on any thumbnail to enlarge it.

If the mouse pointer is somewhere over the enlarged image, flashing dots appear over visible locations known to the view browser, as shown in the example image to the right.

If you bring the mouse pointer near one of the flashing dots, it will turn into a crosshair, and your browser should display information about the location, as shown in the image to the right. Now, if you simply click on the crosshair, you will be teleported to this location, and be able to see views from there, if there are any. This effectively allows you to jump all over the Adirondack high peaks and check out the views. Note that distances are only shown if the latitude/longitude of both locations is in the view browser's data files.

Below the main view, there are a set of links that look like these:

Some PlaceSome Other Place

If the mouse pointer is over such a link, it turns red, and the location in the picture is highlighted with the crosshair. Clicking the link has the same effect as clicking the location in the image. The green links indicate locations that have a picture looking back at you.

If the main view is very wide (i.e. a panoramic image), it is displayed with a scroll bar. In this case, you may need to scroll it manually to bring a given location into view.

In the main view, a flag may indicate a point of particular interest, such as one you just teleported from. This flag can be removed by clicking a link near the bottom of the page.

Views of a given location

The right column of the table shows how many views of a given place are available. These are views that show Mount X from a distance, rather than views obtained by standing on Mount X.

If you click on a number, you will be shown thumbnails of all the pictures that contain Mount X, highlighted in each case by a flashing dot. Click on any of these thumbnails to see the view large.

Photo Credits

PhotographerPhoto Count
Markus Wandel164
Andrew Lavigne61
Peter Krug9
Johanna Wandel4
Daryl Boyd4
Marjory Moeller2
Chris Lawson1
Peter Guidry1

Browser Compatibility

This web site will never turn you away because you use the wrong kind of web browser, but the view browser requires a bit of Javascript and CSS2 to make its displays work. Recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Safari all have the necessary capability. I don't know about other browser types.

The view browser works best on larger (1280x1024) displays, because of the generous 800x600 pixel size of most pictures. If you see a scroll bar on your browser window, be sure to scroll down to see all the goodies.

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