Ishpatina Ridge Trip

70 Kilometres. 18 Portages. Four nights in the wilderness, and Ontario's highest point. A good introduction to canoe tripping.

Organized by Chris Lawson. Chronicled by Markus Wandel.

Overview map for the whole trip (also available without annotation). Detailed topo map segments are available for each day.

Here is a Google Maps Satellite view centered on the put-in location on the Montreal River. Scroll down to match the lakes visually to those on the overview map, or switch to the regular map view to determine how to get there (the turnoff from highway 560 is called Beauty Lake Road).

Chris has his own writeup about this trip.

Friday, September 16 - Beauty Lake Road to Smoothwater Lake
Saturday, September 17 - Smoothwater Lake to Scarecrow Lake, Ishpatina Ridge
Sunday, September 18 - Scarecrow Lake to Hamlow Lake and back
Monday, September 19 - Scarecrow Lake to Smoothwater Lake
Tuesday, September 20 - Smoothwater Lake to Beauty Lake Road

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