January 2005 Trip to Africa

Chronicled by Markus Wandel. Except as noted, all inline pictures were taken by Markus.

Here is the chronicle of a trip taken by Andrew, Caroline, Pu, Peter, Yi and myself in January 2005. The trip was, as always, capably organized by Andrew. This is my perspective on the whole thing. You can also read Andrew's writeup.

Thursday, December 30 - Departure
Friday, December 31 - Trip to Nairobi
Saturday, January 1 - New Year's Day in Nairobi
Sunday, January 2 - Bus Trip to Moshi
Monday, January 3 - Starting the Kilimanjaro Climb
Tuesday, January 4 - Umbwe Caves to Barranco Hut
Wednesday, January 5 - Acclimatization Day at Barranco Hut
Thursday, January 6 - Barranco Hut to Lava Tower
Friday, January 7 - Acclimatization Day at the Lava Tower
Saturday, January 8 - Lava Tower to Arrow Glacier Camp
Sunday, January 9 - Summit Day
Monday, January 10 - Hike Out
Tuesday, January 11 - Manyara Lake National Park
Wednesday, January 12 - Ngorongoro Crater
Thursday, January 13 - Serengeti
Friday, January 14 - Trip to Zanzibar
Saturday, January 15 - Zanzibar
Sunday, January 16 - Zanzibar
Monday, January 17 - Zanzibar, and starting the trip home
Tuesday, January 18 - Trip Home

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