What's New on Markus Wandel's Home Page

2009/06/08 2009 Rideau Lakes cycle Tour
2008/11/10 Finally put up a rant about "consumer grade" computer memory
2008/06/08 Put up a blurb about the 2008 Rideau Lakes cycle Tour
2008/01/01 Rewrote and updated my geocaching page
2008/01/01 ADK summit log updated: Noonmark Mountain
2008/01/01 Changed my public email address
2008/01/01 Finally put up a blurb about the 2007 Rideau Lakes cycle Tour
2006/04/23 ADK summit log updated (belatedly): Sawteeth Mountain
2006/02/02 New views added to view browser
2005/11/08 ADK summit log updated (belatedly): Giant Mountain
2005/09/25 Ishpatina Ridge Canoe Trip writeup
2005/07/26 ADK summit log updated: Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge
2005/06/19 ADK summit log updated: Ampersand Mountain
2005/06/12 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour 2005
2005/05/16 ADK summit log updated: NacNaughton Mountain
2005/04/17 Log book images for my Skyline Trail Geocache
2005/03/20 ADK summit log updated: Avalanche Mountain attempt
2005/03/15 Adirondack view browser
2005/03/07 Added logbook scans for my Gone Fishin' geocache.
2005/03/05 ADK summit log updated: Catamount Mountain
2005/02/26 Old projects: Dump-o-matic and stereo speakers
2005/02/22 I found the receipt for my first computer
2005/02/15 ADK summit log updated: Algonquin Peak in winter
2005/02/06 Writeup of the big January 2005 Africa Trip
2004/11/28 ADK summit log updated: Pitchoff Ridge.
2004/10/24 Finally documented my last old 8031 project
2004/10/24 Added two more sets of logbook images to my Geocache page
2004/10/10 Added the logs from my "Lakeside Loot" geocache.
2004/10/06 ADK summit log updated: Gray Peak. Yippee, I'm a 46er!
2004/09/15 ADK summit log updated: Mt. Skylight.
2004/09/01 Added the logs from my "Dog Walker's Paradise" geocache.
2004/08/31 Added the logs from my "Greenbelt Treasure Hunt" geocache.
2004/08/24 Added the logs from my "First Try" geocache.
2004/08/17 ADK summit log updated: Mt. Colden.
2004/07/17 ADK summit log updated: The Dix Range.
2004/07/07 Added my stats from the 2004 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour
2004/07/06 ADK summit log updated: The Great Range Hike.
2004/06/06 ADK summit log updated: The Sewards.
2004/03/21 ADK summit log updated: Mt. Marcy.
2004/03/15 ADK summit log updated: Hurricane Mountain.
2004/02/29 ADK summit log updated: Cliff Mountain.
2004/02/12 ADK summit log updated: Esther Mountain.
2004/01/11 ADK summit log updated: Rocky Peak Ridge.
2004/01/11 Homemade electric motor writeup.
2003/12/28 Added the rest of the pictures to the Road trip writeup.
2003/11/20 ADK summit log updated: Big Slide Mountain.
2003/11/02 ADK summit log updated: Allen Mountain.
2003/10/27 ADK summit log updated: Redfield Mountain.
2003/10/04 ADK summit log updated: Seymour Mountain.
2003/09/21 Posted the final audio from my audio geocache
2003/09/20 Added the Raleigh bike to my bike page
2003/09/20 Posted the logs from two more geocaches
2003/09/16 Writeup about my old intercom systems
2003/09/16 Posted log book pages from one of my geocaches
2003/09/02 ADK summit log updated: Santanoni and Blake Peak hikes.
2003/08/11 Updated the mug shot on my biography page
2003/08/10 Added a page about my worst Unix mistakes
2003/08/09 Added long, detailed trip log of Summer 2003 vacation
2003/07/14 Added 'jump to random page' feature
2003/07/12 Blurb about all the electronic stuff I take on vacation with me
2003/07/09 Added homemade Canon S100 battery writeup
2003/07/09 Added "what's new" page
2003/07/07 ADK summit log updated: Mount Colden
2003/06/23 Updated bike page with all my other bicycles
2003/06/18 Added a page about my two mountain bikes
2003/06/23 ADK summit log updated: Phelps Mountain
2003/06/11 Added article about the 2003 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour
2003/04/22 Wrote a page about a power supply I built as a kid
2003/04/19 Added pictures of the old Leipzig Zentralstadion
2003/04/18 Added audio from my audio geocache
2003/03/30 Recorded a better audio greeting
2003/03/30 Added a quick blurb about a small 8031 hack
2003/03/29 Added page with all my old Amiga code
2003/03/29 Added Amiga exec disassembly and related stuff
2003/03/28 Added a writeup about my old abandoned home control computer project
2003/03/28 Quickie blurb about an automatic darkroom test strip maker
2003/03/28 Updated the description of my main computer
2003/03/27 Quickie blurb about a homemade camera shutter checker
2003/03/27 Added writeup on homemade RS-232 data switch from years ago
2003/03/26 Added writeup on a homemade 68008 board from years ago
2003/03/25 Added writeup on a homemade VAX C compiler (university project)
2003/03/08 ADK summit log updated: Mount Marshall
2003/03/03 Added links to friends, family and other interesting sites
2003/03/02 ADK summit log updated: Tabletop Mountain
2003/02/16 ADK summit log updated: Whiteface Mountain
2003/01/26 ADK summit log updated: Mount Colden
2003/01/14 ADK summit log updated: Tabletop Mountain (unsuccessful attempt)
2002/12/18 Updated the 7th Edition Unix demo page
2002/12/12 ADK summit log created with all my Adirondack hikes to date
2002/12/07 Added pictures of the insides of a dead Orinoco Wi-Fi card